Geelong Council at Odds with City Government over Installing Pokies at Convention Centre

There’s another war brewing on the australian online pokies front; this time, it is on the city of Geelong. It was early this week when the city had opened itself up for potential investors looking to invest in a proposed convention centre downtown, which is reported to be about worth one-hundred and eighty million dollars. However, what some councillors did not expect was the fact that majority of the interested investors have ties to the country’s casino and pokies industry. Feeling the need to stand their ground against the casinos because of their admittedly anti-pokie stance, the rest of the council decided to settle the matter into a vote.

The result? It was 5-4 in favour of those who “loudly and strongly” oppose the entry of pokies into the building.  According to the council’s resolution, “The council advises ... that it will not support any proposal that includes the introduction of a casino or a venue containing electronic gaming machines.”
However inspiring the gesture shown by the council in its vote, some were admittedly disappointed that the whole plan may come into jeopardy because of the council’s decision. In a statement to the press, Councillor Cameron Granger, the acting mayor of the City of Greater Geelong since last year, had expressed that pokies, like alcohol and smokes, are a matter of personal choice to the consumer, and that the council shouldn’t have shut off the potential investments that the project may have courted if they did not pass the resolution. "I can't accept a precedent in another country when talking about the City of Greater Geelong”, he said, referring to one councilor’s suggestion that an existing casino should be made to provide funds for the project, similar to what Auckland did on theirs some months ago.  He then added “we shouldn't be clumsily slapping broad brush strokes over a potential site. “

The two-hundred-million dollar convention centre is marketed as a “centerpiece project” of the city. Still in the preliminary stages of planning, some analysts expect that the funds will come from a mix of private and government entities. All we can say is good luck to them.

Online Keno: Basic Rules

Keno is a bingo or lottery gambling game found in many online casinos. Although there are those that believe this game started in China, no concrete evidences were ever found to prove such a claim. The one sure thing about its beginnings is that in the nineteenth century, the Chinese introduced Keno to the United States. Keno became really popular as a casino game because here, you can get large payouts while only betting small wagering amounts as compared with many casino games.

This game is similar to online pokies in which you are the one who can upstarts the game to get it moving. Such a characteristic is a big advantage of online keno games from their land-based counterparts. This is because in land-based keno, you have to wait around for the television show to start the game and show the results. Moreover, you have to watch out for the Keno runners before you can start playing the game. In online keno, you can control your play and thus, you can gain faster payouts at a time most convenient for you.

In traditional Keno, there is circular glass (bubble) that contains 80 balls labeled with values. To begin playing, you first need to acquire a Keno ticket which contain 80 numbered selection boxes. To wager on a number, you mark that specific number on the ticket and put the game into play. You are allowed a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 numbers you can wager on. Once the balls are drawn after the game is put into play, you get a payout if the numbers you wagered on are matched with the values on the balls drawn. These payouts are defined in the game's payout table.

Usually, you can give a minimum wagering amount of is five cents for online Keno games. The payouts are determined by this wagering amount and the stipulated credits on the payout table. For example, it is possible that you obtain a payout of $500,000 for a wagering amount of $1. These all depend on the ticket and the game's jackpot type (progressive or fixed).

The house edge for Keno does vary across software providers. But the usual percentage is at 30%, which is very high compared to most online casino games. Each number on the ticket has an equal probability of happening and this is at a meager percentage of 0.25%.