Commercial Inquiries

The aim of the Embassy’s commercial section is to promote genuine business opportunities between Swedish and Jordanian companies and businessmen. The Embassy provides information about Swedish companies and products through Swedish trade directories. Interested individuals and companies with valid commercial inquiries are welcome to contact the Embassy by phone, fax or e mail.

If a Jordanian company is interested in doing business with a Swedish company i.e importing goods from Sweden into Jordan, please contact the Embassy and inform us on the nature of the inquiry. The Embassy will forward it to the relevant Swedish authority. The Embassy can be contacted at fax no. 593 0179 or on its e mail: [email protected]

If, however, a Jordanian company is interested in exporting its products to Sweden, then please contact The Swedish Federation of Wholesalers and Dealers at the following :
Tel: 46 8 762 77 00
Fax: 46 8 762 77 77
email: [email protected]

Sweden’s exports to Jordan include cars, textiles, machinery, paper, electronic equipment and chemicals.

It is also worth mentioning that, in May 2000, the Jordanian mobile telephone company, Mobilecom, awarded a 50 million US$ tender to the Swedish telecommunications giant, Ericsson, for the supply and installation of the infrastructure for a new mobile telephone system.

Ericsson, ABB, Alfa Laval Agri and Tetra Pak have regional offices in Jordan. Jordanian agents represent around 40 Swedish companies in the Kingdom.

The Jordanian Scandinavian Friendship Association (JSFA) was established in 1985 under the patronage of TRH Prince Ra’ad Bin Zaid and Princess Majda Ra’ad. Its main objectives are to strengthen friendly relations between the Jordanian and Scandinavian people in addition to increasing economic, social and cultural cooperation. It does not have any political, religious or sectarian objectives. The Scandinavian countries are : Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. For further information, please contact the Honorary Consulate General of Denmark at 5603 703.

Two clubs were formed under the umbrella of the JSFA. They are : the Scandinavian Business Ladies of Amman Club and the Jordanian Scandinavian Business Club (Scan Club). The latter nowadays has its own entity and its main objectives are to strengthen commercial and business ties between Jordan and Scandinavian countries; arrange seminars, activities and functions of mutual interest and to stay abreast of the latest developments regarding business matters in Jordan and Scandinavia. For further information, you can contact: [email protected]