Training Programmes

The Embassy provides international training programmes sponsored by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The aim of these programmes is to enhance managerial and technical skills of candidates from lower and lower-middle income developing countries . Most programmes concern the fields of transportation, communication, energy, environmental protection and industry. Others cover the social sector such as health and human rights. Sida’s international training programmes which can accommodate between 20-30 participants selected from 125 different countries last 3-8 weeks and are held in English.

Nominations for each programme are assessed on individual merits and the most qualified candidates are selected. Minimum qualifications are a university degree and relevant working experience. In addition to this, each participant should be nominated by an appropriate authority or organization. An official language certificate indicating proficiency in English is to be submitted with the application in addition to documented evidence of good health.

Organizations, institutions, corporations and authorities from both the public and private sectors are welcome to nominate candidates for these courses. Applications are open to both men and women.

Training costs are divided between participation fee and accommodation. Costs for international travel to and from Sweden are normally not covered by Sida and personal expenses are the responsibility of the individual participant.

The Embassy distributes course brochures and applications to relevant agencies and organizations. The completed application shall be submitted to the Embassy no later than 10 days before the stated deadline and the organizers will inform the selected participant with a copy to the Embassy 2-3 months before the start of the course. Additional information on the programme will be mailed directly to the individual participants.